Summit DNA Ireland

Summit DNA Ireland

Information for Solicitors

If a DNA test is required for legal reasons. 

To start the process, contact us to discuss your case, we can then advise you on what options are available to you and the next steps

Sample Collection

You can choose your clients own general practitioner or you can use one our Testing Centre’s to carry out this DNA test. Ensuring you have the General practitioners confirmation to carry out the test prior to ordering the kit from us. If you decide to use our testing centre’s you can contact us today to make your appointment at a time that suit’s you. 

From here you can contact us and give written instructions on the kit you are ordering, the general practitioner name and address if you are not using one of our Testing Centres and the details of each participant. We can send you an invoice at this stage of the process.

Inside each kit you will find:

Any of our kits can be tailored depending on how many people are being tested. 

Included in the paperwork is a result distribution list, this should be completed for persons wishing to obtain a copy of these DNA test results. Include yourself in this if you wish to receive a copy of the results. We typically email the results but these can also be posted to you. 

Contact us at any time throughout the process if you any queries

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