Summit DNA Ireland

Summit DNA Ireland

Legal DNA & Drug Testing Kits In Ireland

A legal court admissible test will be required if you need any of the following:

The process is straightforward and simple, and begins by either contacting us directly or purchasing your legal testing kit on our website. You can use one of our testing centre’s and book your appointment using the ‘Book Now’ button or you can use your own general practitioner, we will then post this DNA kit to them with the details you have provided on your order form. Inside each Drug Test kit, you will find: 

At the appointment you will need to bring one passport photo for each individual being tested. You will also require a legal identification document or ID, which can be a passport, garda age card or driver’s license. In the case of minors a birth certificate will be accepted. Your sample collector will take the samples, complete the paperwork with you, take copies of the photo identifications provided and return the samples to us. Once we have received your samples it takes 5 -7 days for you to receive your results.

Contact us at any time throughout the process if you have any queries

How accurate is DNA testing?

All results are to within 99.99% or greater. E.G if a man is confirmed as the biological father, the likelihood of paternity is reported as 99.99%. If he does not share the same genetic material as the child, the likelihood of paternity is 0%.

Are both Mother & Fathers required for a DNA test?

The test included a swab for both parents and one child, however it is up to you if you wish to have the mother tested also, but it is not required for testing.

Do I need someone’s consent to take their DNA for testing?

All participants must sign the submission form giving their consent to being tested. Children under 16 years must have a legal parent or guardian sign on their behalf.

Are GP visit costs included in your pricing?

Unfortunately, the cost for the GP visit at the time of testing is not included in our pricing, and this payment will need to be arranged separately.

How do I get a price for Drug & Alcohol testing?

On our products page we have a PDF Request Form for kits of Drug and Alcohol testing in Ireland. Simply complete this form, input the details of what you need to be tested, email it back to us and we can provide you with a quote.

Legal Drug and Alcohol Test Services Ireland

Nail Testing

Nail clipping analysis from either fingernails or toenails can give an overview of drug and alcohol use covering 6-12 months (Fingernail clippings 6 months overview & Toenails 12-month overview).

Hair Testing

  • In order to gain a clear picture of how long a client has been using Alcohol or Drugs a hair sample is recommended. On average a person’s head hair grows 1cm per month. Within this timeframe a proportion of a Drugs metabolites will enter the hair folic. 
  • The hair sample collected will give an overview of drugs ingested during that time frame, For example if a 3-month window is required for analysis then a 3cm portion of hair is required. It gives us a chance to analyse the hair on a month-to-month basis to indicate which months the client has consumed drugs or alcohol. 
  • To gain a more in-depth view of drug use it is recommended that hair be segmented, and each segment analysed separately for drug or alcohol use. This gives a clearer picture of which months drugs or alcohol were ingested.

The Process

Contact us at any time throughout the process if you have any queries

If you require a Legal Drug or Alcohol test kit in Ireland for the use in any legal proceedings or otherwise you can download our Test request Form via the products page. Simply complete this request form input all relevant information and choose which tests you require. Email this completed form back to us where we will furnish you with a quote for the tests requested.

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