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Legal Alcohol Testing


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We offer a comprehensive Legal Alcohol testing service which provides insight into an individuals alcohol consumption over a period of time. Our testing laboratory is  ISO17025 accredited by the International Organization of Standardization. To make the testing process easier we also have our own Testing Centres throughout Ireland ensuring an accurate and reliable service at every stage.

What we offer:

  • Body Hair Test (Etg)
  • Head hair testing from 1-12 months (Etg,FAEE)
  • Nail Alcohol Testing (Etg)
  • Expert Witness statement for interpretation of the results


Head Hair

In order to gain a clear picture of how long a client has been using Alcohol a hair sample is recommended. On average a person’s head hair grows 1cm per month within this timeframe a proportion of a Drugs metabolites will enter the hair folic. The hair sample collected will give an overview of Alcohol ingested during that time frame, as an example if a 3-month window is required for analysis then a 3cm portion of hair is required. Giving us a chance to analyse the hair on a month-to-month basis to indicate which months the client has consumed drugs or alcohol.



Nail clipping analysis from either fingernails or toenails can give an overview of alcohol use covering 6-12 months. (Fingernail clippings 6 months overview & Toenails 12-month overview)


Please feel free to contact us to discuss your current case needs or complete the form below and email it to


Alcohol Test Request Form




Are GP visit costs included in your pricing?

Unfortunately, the cost for the GP visit at time of testing is not included in our pricing, this payment will need to be arranged separately.

How do I get a price for Drug & Alcohol testing?

On our products page we have a PDF Request Form for both Drug testing and Alcohol testing, simply complete this form inputting the details of what you need tested, email it back to us and we can provide you with a quote.

I’m unsure what test I need to get?

We can help you this, simply contact us to discuss your needs and we will advise you on what testing method is most suitable to your requirements.


Hair Testing

3-Month Overview ( 1 Section of Hair), 6-Month Overview ( 1 Section of Hair )

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