Summit DNA Ireland

Summit DNA Ireland

Peace of Mind Drug Test


A 13 panel drug testing cup for the use in your own home for your peace of mind. This drug testing cup is leak proof with strips built in for easy-to-read results without the need to come into contact with urine. This at home drug test is both affordable and offers an excellent testing method with up to 99% accuracy.


  • Leak proof lid, easy for transportation
  • Easy to use instructions included
  • FDA approved with accuracy of 99%
  • Temperature test strip on every cup



What drugs are tested in this kit?


Amphetamine                                  Cocaine                                     Methamphetamine                           Tri Cyclic Antidepressants

Heroin & opiates                            Cannabis                                   Benzodiazepines                                 Barbiturates

Methadone                                      Ketamine                                   MDMA/Ecstasy                                  Buprenorphine




Is the packaging discreet?

Yes, all our packaging comes in discreet envelopes with just the shipping address attached, there are no company logos or any markings on the exterior of the packaging. Ensuring complete confidentiality.

Are the instructions easy to follow? 

Yes, the instructions are very user friendly and easy to follow.


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