Summit DNA Ireland

Summit DNA Ireland

Information for Healthcare Practitioners

Firstly establishing what type of test is required, is it needed for a legal matter such as changing legal documents or in any court proceedings, or is it simply to determine a relationship between two or more individuals. 

If the test is not required for any legal matter you can refer the patient onto us directly, where they can either purchase the kit themselves from our website or contact us directly to discuss their case in more detail.

If the test is needed for legal matters we can discuss this with you or your patient in more detail to gain more insight into exactly what is needed.

To start the process, order the kit online or contact us directly to request a kit, ensuring to specify if it is a legal DNA test or a Peace of mind test that is required. We will then post this kit to your practice.


Inside each kit you will find:

Any of our kits can be tailored depending on how many people are being tested. 

Included in the paperwork is a result distribution list, this should be completed for persons wishing to obtain a copy of these DNA test results. We typically email the results but these can also be posted to you.

Contact us at any time throughout the process if you any queries

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