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Siblingship Test


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  • If you’re opting to use one of our Testing Centres please add ‘DNA Consultation’ product to your cart, from here you can choose which testing centre you wish to use
  • This DNA test is used to establish if two individuals are siblings and if they are full siblings or half siblings.
  • ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.
  • All of our kits can be split and sent to two different addresses if required.
  • Accurate results to 99.99%
  • Multiple people can be tested at the same time if required

Sample Required:

This is a mouth swab test


How accurate is DNA testing?

All results are to within 99.99% or greater. E.G if a man is confirmed as the biological father, the likelihood of paternity is reported as 99.99%. If he does not share the same genetic material as the child, the likelihood of paternity is 0%

How long will it take to receive the results of a DNA test?

Results can take 5-7 working days from receipt of samples. Some tests such as Avuncular or siblingship may take slightly longer, this is case dependent.

Is the packaging discreet?

Yes. All our packaging comes in discreet envelopes with jus the shipping address attached, there are no company logos or any markings on the exterior of the packaging. Ensuring complete confidentiality.

Can I send my DNA kit to different locations?

We can split any DNA test you order, if you need the DNA test to be sent to two different addresses or two separate GP practices, we can facilitate this, just contact us to ensure the kit is split correctly.

What is the time frame on sending my DNA sample back?

Once your sample has been left to dry (one hour) and is carefully stored it will last for several months.

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